February 02, 2009

"Separatists" Behead Man in Thailand

I just love this Earth Times article reprinted by Rantburg. It notes that those doing the beheading are "separatists" and "insurgents", no religion is mentioned:

Suspected separatists shot dead two militia volunteers Monday in a rubber plantation in the violence-plagued province of Pattani, before slicing their throats and burning their bodies. The ambush occurred at 1:30 pm in Yanrang district of Pattani, 750 kilometres south of Bangkok, a notorious hotbed for insurgents.
Those doing the killing have no religious affiliation, yet the story goes out of the way to mention that one of the victims is Muslim:
The assailants, armed with AK 47s, shot dead Nihasan Niarae, 30, and Chuea Choktirat, 56, as they drove through a rubber plantation on a motorcycle. They then decapitated Nihasan, a Thai-Muslim, and sliced Chuea's throat, poured petrol on both bodies and burned them. Both men were volunteer militia.
The fate of collaborators and apostates, no? The article then goes on to state that thousands of Buddhists have been killed, and so have thousands of Muslims:
It was the latest atrocity in the five-year-old conflict in Thailand's deep South that has cost the state an estimated 109 billion baht (3.1 billion dollars) and lost 3,287 lives. Deep South Watch, an independent research group that monitors the conflict, has put the southern death toll since January 2004 at 3,287 lives, of whom 1,788 were Thai Muslims and 1,348 Thai Buddhists, with another 5,405 people wounded
The casual reader is then left with the impression that the Muslim victim in the article was beheaded by a Buddhist, in a tit for tat -- cycle of violence -- civil war in which no one is to blame.

The only problem is that the separatists in question are seeking a Muslim state based on Islamic law. There are no Buddhist separatists in Thailand. And, like most victims of Islamist aggression, at least one of the victims here was also Muslim.

Nearly half of Southern Thailand's Buddhists have been ethnically cleansed since 2004. Forced to leave for fear of retribution by Islamists bent on yet another state to call their own.

Where are the San Francisco marches in support of Thai Buddhists?

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