January 29, 2009

Blogger Arrested for Leaving Islam; Google Shuts Down Website.

Yes, Islamic law really does forbid conversion. Let's just hope Saudi blogger Hamoud Bin Saleh doesn't receive Muhammad's preferred punishment for apostates: beheading. Arresting converts and critics is exactly what you'd expect from our "partners" in the War on Terror, isn't it?

But would you expect Google's blogspot platform to go along with Saudi Arabia's request to ban Saleh's website? You. Bet.


So, when has leaving or criticizing Islam been considered a possible terms of service violation by Google?

Screw Google. Screw the Saudis. Screw any religion that outlaws criticism of it or leaving it.

Let's use Google's own cache to undermine its censorship. If you want to see what Saleh wrote before he was arrested just click here.

Google English translation.

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