January 28, 2009

India's Most Wanted Terrorist Killed

Several news agencies are now reporting that Abu Hamza, India's most wanted Kashmir based terrorist, has been killed in a gun battle. Hamza is the commander of Al-Badr, a break off of Jaish-e-Mohammed, which is the military wing of the Pakistani based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

You may remember LeT from such recent acts of terror as the Mumbai massacre.

How did the Muslim community respond to Hamza's death?

Later hundreds of Muslim mourners, shouting "we want freedom", took to the streets with Hamza's body.
Good riddance to Hamza, but it's more than a bit troubling that someone like him could be regarded as a "freedom fighter" to so many. Fighting for what kind of freedom? For the pluralistic and secular governance of Indian Kashmir to be replaced by the oppression of religious Islamic law. That's some 'freedom' you're fighting for there.

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