January 28, 2009

Health Care Going Green, Hospitals Going Meatless

(UK) The National Health Service (NHS) in Britain is instituting policy changes to reduce carbon emissions and, as the largest public sector employer, to lead the nation in the fight against global warming.

Ministers want family doctors to hold more 'phone-in' surgeries to help the environment by cutting carbon emissions from cars.

They also want hospitals to achieve their green targets by reducing the amount of meat they serve to patients in wards.

With Dial-A-Doctor diagnostics and meat erased from the menu, the NHS hopes to see a 10 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2015. According to NHS Chief Executive David Nicholson, "I want to encourage NHS staff to really get involved and do their bit to create a greener NHS." More like gangrene-er, eh?

Critics claim that telephone diagnoses are dangerous and could lead to incorrect treatment or death. Taxpayers' Alliance spokesman Mark Wallace indicated that the environment is again being used to trim health care services.

In other news, the British state schools are giving out marijuana handbooks to students so they know how to use a bong and how to properly roll a joint. Just beautiful!

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