January 26, 2009

Inshallahshaheed (Samir Khan) Banned from Image Shack/Internet


I was just looking around because al-Qaeda's #1 American supporter/propagandist/helper on the internet, Samir Khan of Charlotte NC, has at last issued his demands of the Obamamessiah for what he thinks is required to make peace with al-Qaeda/Muslims.

*** Via Samir Khan at The Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge

* Pulls all US troops, and Intelligence Agents out of all the Muslim lands, the foremost of them being Saudi Arabia.
* Leave off all military, political and economic aid for the 56+ Apostate Governments in the Muslim world. Abandon them, even if the soldiers of Islam grab hold of them.
* Leave off all military, political, economic and moral aid for the state of Israel, and ban your citizens from traveling to occupied Palestine.
* Cease all interference in the Religion, Society, Media and Politics of the Muslim world. Do not interfere in the re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate.
* Free all Muslim captives from your prisons; closing down Guantanamo means nothing until you release them in their home countries safely.
LOL! Those look like some pretty stiff conditions there Sammy? So I see, all President Obama has to do is surrender and kiss your collective hindquarters? Good luck with that.

You'll notice that the non-link to Sammys blog is actually from the google cache. While I was surfing around I noticed that his host, Thabbat.net, is down. It looks like yet another host has given him the boot. Also that domain has been banned from Sammy's fave image hosting service Imageshack.

LOL, poor Sammy he just has so many "technical difficulties".

*** ( If the Jawa readers will please forgive my link whoring? I've vowed to run Sammy down to the last page of Google search. I get all caught up in this stuff ya know ;)

The real link to the Google cache of his page would be here or maybe here )

Update 01/27/09: sigh, he's back up.

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