January 26, 2009

Four AMERICANS Arrested in Somaliland

Four American traitors arrested in Somalia en route to joining al Qaeda's local affiliate, the al Shebaab? If the following report is to be believed then yes. Assuming it's true, then we've probably found at least four of those young men reportedly missing from the Somali immigrant community.

Somaliland is an autonomous part of Somalia considered "friendly" to the U.S. Unlike the rest of the country, it has something resembling a functioning government.

Somaliland Press:

Somaliland security forces arrested five people after they raided a house in Hargeisa. The suspects consist of four men who are said to be from the United States and a woman from Mogadishu, all five suspects were taken into custody yesterday.

Local newspapers reported today that the woman who came from Mogadishu rented a villa in Hargeisa days before the four men arrived from the US. Members of the security forces had received a tip about the terrorist suspects and were ready to move in and arrest them.

Keep an eye on Somalia people. Keep an eye on Somalia.

Thanks to Kyros.

UPDATE: Make that 15. Eleven more Americans arrested in Somaliland.

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