January 25, 2009

WTF? "Pocket Obama"

Amazon - Obama "Pocket Book", "A must for every pocket". Memorize it, worship it, spread Hopey Changey's message near and far...or something like that.

This visitor to Amazon didn't seem impressed:

This is either a joke or the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. Can sane American's really have such worshipful adoration for any politician, especially to this level? Supporting a politician is one thing, but this is sick, sick, sick. Mao's Little Red Book, now Obama's Little Blue Book. This is actually beyond sick, its frighteningly delusional. Who published this, Louis Farakhan?

Click image for more from Transsylvania Phoenix

It's currently out of stock.

Beware of the "Pocket Obama" people....

Update: Transsylvania Phoenix has a message for those of you who thinks this is a hoax...

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