January 23, 2009

Video: Hamas Leader Meets With Iraqi Terrorists


Pop quiz: If the leader of a terrorist group in Iraq wanted to meet with the Terrorist in Chief of Gaza, which third country would they meet in? Bingo: Syria.

In this al Rai (Syrian TV) video we see the head of Hamas, Khaled Mash’al, meeting with the leader of the "Naqshbandi Sufi Army", a terrorist organization in Iraq. The MEMRI translation in the video calls them "Army of the Naqshbandi Order", but the logo, which I've reproduced above and which also appears in the video, is the dead giveaway that they are one and the same.

I'm not sure anyone ever bought that they were "Sufis", the relatively mild form of Islam that focuses on inner struggle and mysticism rather than what they really are: Arab national socialists, ie, Baathists.

You'll notice that our masked terrorist admits that his group is fighting the US in Iraq.

Syria claims that Hamas is a legitimate political party, and not a terrorist organization -- something many Arab states agree with -- hence, they have some diplomatic cover to duck behind when we point out they are harboring known terrorists. No we aren't, the Syrians claim, Hamas leaders aren't terrorists.

For arguments sake, let's give the Syrians that. What, then, can explain Syrian harboring these terrorists who openly admit to actively fighting U.S. troops in Iraq? Hell, call them "insurgents". These people are also blowing up Iraqi troops. Is it normal for one Arab state to harbor insurgents from a neighboring Arab state with which it has normal and full diplomatic relations??

At what point can we expect the Syrians to hand the leaders of the Naqshbandi Army over to us or the Iraqis? Yeah, I won't be holding my breath either.

Here's the vid. Wake me up after George Mitchell solves the Middle East crisis.

UPDATE: The MEMRI transcript here includes an introductory note on who else was at the meeting:

Also attending the meeting was Al-Rai TV's owner, Mish'an Al-Jabouri, a Saddam loyalist who is wanted in Iraq and lives in exile in Syria.
Seriously, this pisses me off. As much as I detest Hamas and consider them terrorists, I do not hate them as much as I hate any and every terrorist that does harm to Americans. Hamas, as evil as they are, is mainly a threat to Israel (I said mainly). The "Naqshbandi Sufi Army" and other "insurgents" in Iraq exist for one sole purpose: to kill Americans.

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