January 22, 2009

The Face of Evil: Female Student Beheaded at Virginia Tech


Wow. Just, wow. This 25 year old Ph.D. student named Haiyang Zhu apparently beheaded a recently arrived 22 year old female student named Xin Yang. How did he do it? With a kitchen knife. In a campus cafeteria.

What the hell are they putting in the water down in Blacksburg?

The person that sent in the tip thought that Ningbo is a predominately Muslim area of China, but that's news to me if true. So, the odds of this being sudden jihad syndrome seem pretty low. But it's a pretty disturbing story, nonetheless.

He apparently knew the poor victim pretty well as he was listed on her emergency contact sheet. For now, the cops say they have no motive. Is evil a motive? I guess not. It's just a state of being.

I found what appears to be Zhu's facebook account. At least, I'm 99% sure this is him. Same name, and all his friends appear to be Virginia Tech grad students or alumni. That's where the pic to the right comes from.

Behold, the mundacity of evil.

UPDATE: Cristy has some related thoughts.


A graduate student from China was decapitated with a kitchen knife in a campus cafe at Virginia Tech by another graduate student who knew her, police said Thursday....

Haiyang and Xin had been having coffee in a cafe in the Graduate Life Center, where Xin was living. About seven other people who were in the coffee shop told police that the two hadn't been arguing before the attack.

Police received two 911 calls shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday, Flinchum said, and were on the scene in a little more than a minute to take Haiyang into custody.

UPDATE: Mr_e_m_t drops this link with a couple more details.

A good point being made in the comments. Seven people stood by and watched Haiyang Zhu decapitate Xin Yang. You know how hard that is? I do. I've seen many a poor innocent soul lose their lives to Islamist extremists use a knife for beheading. There's nothing quick and easy about it.

But even so, the cops were there in under two minutes. You can't respond much faster than that, but what happened? She was still murdered. Police react to crimes, but can't really be everywhere to prevent them.

So, is this another good example for less restriction on concealed handguns? I certainly think so.

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