January 21, 2009

Dutch Charge Geert Wilders Over Fitna

Via BBC:

A Dutch court has ordered prosecutors to put a right-wing politician on trial for making anti-Islamic statements.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders made a controversial film last year equating Islam with violence and has likened the Koran to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

"In a democratic system, hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to... draw a clear line," the court in Amsterdam said.

Mr Wilders said the ruling was a "black day for me and for freedom of speech".

"I am shaken. I had absolutely not expected it," he told the Dutch news agency, ANP.

Hat Tip: Hetz Shahor. Below: Fitna, the Movie. Because we will not submit!

Update: Also not submitting, Gateway Pundit, Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch.

Googe Video: Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders' film about the Quran (English)

I have a couple copies on youtube that I will make public for a bit, I made them private after being requested to do so. For the purpose of this post I will leave them public for say oh about 48 hours.

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