January 20, 2009

More People Working in Government than Manufacturing?

Interesting, if not a bit disturbing.

Graph courtesy of Contrary Investor, via Fabius Maximus.

If true, several questions need to be asked.

What is the government's product? How well is it selling? What tax revenue does government generate (not collect)? What is the profit margin for government, and when will it begin paying for itself? What tangible good or service is the rapidly-growing government producing? Why is there a recession if government is the answer? If government is trying to compete with manufacturing as a big-time employer, then why doesn't it start generating its own income rather than taking it from productive people?

Ah, these questions. On and on they go. Maybe the new Prez will take a stab at answering them. Heh.

Reagan was right - the tendency for government is to grow into the closest thing to eternal life that we'll ever know on this planet. Are we better off for it? The only time government payrolls noticably decreased for any real length of time was under the Reagan Administration (blips under the others), so this is a systemic problem that crosses party lines (the two lines crossed during Bush's term, highlighting the 'success' of "compassionate conservatism").

Just thinking out loud here.

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