January 16, 2009

Tom Hanks Unaware that Gay Marriage Isn't Legal in 49 States

Yet Mormons are the only ones who are un-American for their opposition to gay marriage.

Also un-American by this definition? Americans.

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As opposed to all of those patriots gathering black lists and compiling maps of people ... in opposition to Tinseltown orthodox.

UPDATE II: AllahP asks this important question:

Anything “un-American” about Jerry Brown’s attempt to have a constitutional amendment declared unconstitutional?
I once had this same argument with a liberal professor back as an undergrad. He claimed that a Constitutional amendment banning flag burning would be "unconstitutional".

When I pointed out that something couldn't be unconstitutional if it was, ya know, in the Constitution he scoffed at me.

I think his logic went something like this: So's your face!

When liberals say something is "unconstitutional" they really mean it's not fair. To them, the Constitution is just a symbol and a metaphor for justice. If something feels unjust to them it is, by their definition, "unconstitutional".

Unfortunately this particular college professor's wife was in the class with me. After class she got in my face -- literally -- and asked how I could dare to question her husband's authoreetay! He had a Ph.D. and therefore he must be right. Really.

A couple of years back I applied for a job at my alma mater. This particular professor was leading the search committee. Needless to say, I didn't even get an interview.

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