January 09, 2009

Obama Camp to Legitimize Terrorist Group

Hug a terrorist time!

The incoming Obama administration is prepared to abandon George Bush's ­doctrine of isolating Hamas by establishing a channel to the Islamist (designated terrorist) organization, sources close to the transition team say.
Apart from the paper's useful idiot of a writer, who seems incapable of wrapping her fat little head around the fact that this is a colossal strategic blunder that will end up making Barry-O looking stupider than he does already, there is nothing good that will come of this.

You don't negotiate with terrorists. You kill them. What does Hamas want? They want the Jews dead and Israel destroyed. By "talking" with them, you're legitimizing their tactics of launching rockets into civilian areas (a violation of every law of war the liberals have ever screamed about). All they have to do from now on to get Barry-O's attention is kill a few Jews, launch a few rockets and issue demands. Barry-O and company will then scramble to give them what they want "to end the violence" by rewarding it.

Remember when Bill Clinton talked with Arafat? Did that lead to "peace?" Oh, wait. It led to years of suicide bombings and assaults with the Intifada. And that was the "moderate" PLO. This is f*cking HAMAS - a group designated no only by the US, but also the European Union, as a terrorist group whose bloodlust for dead Jews is rivaled only by their bloodlust for their own people.

And Barry-O wants to thrown them a cookie. Newsflash, Barry. They're not going to go away and stop doing what they'be been doing since 1988 just because you descend from Mount Olympus and give them one of your patented bullsh*t-inflated "strongly worded" statements.

"Talking" to psychotic, death-worshiping, Jew-hating child-murderers is unfortunately not going to change their minds about their reason for existence - the destruction of Israel. Go ahead. Try to tell them Israel has a right to exist. You're going to find that they're very, how you say, "inflexible."


It's been posted previously, but here are the animals BO is "prepared to talk" with. They're obviously sane, rational, negotiable folks with no hate in their hearts other than for the injustices they've been forced to endure at the hands of The Juice and the eeeevil US:

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