January 09, 2009

UN Calls For A Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza - US Caves To Hamas Propaganda

F**k this. Our leadership sucks testes.

Give in to the propaganda asshats!

The United Nations Security Council has voted for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza after the United States lifted its veto threat in response to growing Arab pressure.

Washington cast a rare abstention as the ceasefire resolution, drafted by Britain, was adopted 14-0 by the 15-member council.

The US decision to allow the Security Council to call for a ceasefire in a formal resolution undercuts the Israelis' continued military operations in Gaza and left Israeli officials fuming.

Washington's abstention came as a surprise to other delegations, however, because Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, had personally negotiated the text at UN headquarters in New York with her counterparts from Britain and France, David Miliband and Bernard Kouchner[,,,]

Dr Rice said the United States supported the substance of the resolution but would have preferred to await the outcome of the peace efforts in Egypt.

"The United States thought it important to see the outcomes of the Egyptian mediation effort in order to see what the resolution may have been supporting. That is why we chose to abstain," she said. "But after a great deal of consideration, we decided that this resolution - the text of which we support, the goals of which we support, and the objectives that we fully support - should indeed be allowed to go forward."

She said: "The resolution is a step towards our goals. It reflects the international community's concern about the situation in Gaza and its desire for a sustainable peace in Gaza."

If this report is inaccurate good, if not, Rice you suck testes.

Welcome to United States of Pussies. This must come from a report that Israel hit a UN aid transport and killed the driver. This was reported by Palestinians.

US has just f**ked Israel and kissed Hamas's arse. Thanks Rice!

This is worded different but I am still pi**ed

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