January 05, 2009

Dragonslayer, Human Sacrifices, and Hamas

If my bona fides as an uber geek weren't already established, let me pause to reveal that a couple of nights ago I watched Dragonslayer on whatever cable channel was playing it.

For those of you who haven't seen the movie, the plot revolves around a King who makes a deal with a dragon. One fair maiden is to be sacrificed to the dragon every so often; in return the dragon doesn't attack the Kingdom, burning its crops and villages.

A ceasefire agreement, if you will, between the King and the dragon.

A "wise and just" policy claims the princess, who we later learn hasn't had her name placed in the lottery and who volunteers to become the dragon's sacrifice to right the wrong, all the while a wizard's apprentice schemes to slay the beast. And for most of the movie the apprentice's efforts are met from condemnation from the King's court who fear kindling the ire of the dragon.

I couldn't help but think while watching the movie that the world is demanding that Israel make a similar deal with Hamas. Those children and civilians killed by the hundreds of rockets shot at Israeli cities during the "ceasefire" are human sacrifice demanded by the world in order to keep the "peace". Their lives taken so that others may live.

Only the King gets the better deal in the movie than Israel does in reality. At least in the movie the dragon keeps his end of the deal and lets the kingdom be as long as a maiden is sacrificed. The dragon that is Hamas demands that Israel willingly sacrifice its children to it and in return Israel gets .... nothing.

No, not nothing actually. In return for sacrificing its children to Hamas Israel gets less bad press. Not good press, but at least less bad press. Some deal, that.

The real beneficiaries of this dragon's pact are not in the Middle East, but in Europe. Europeans demand that the Jews sacrifice their children not to appease Hamas, but to appease their own Muslim minorities and leftwing activists who threaten violence against European governments every time Israel responds to the attempted murder of its children.

Better that a few Jews die than risk civil unrest at home. As long as Hamas rocket attacks only kill a small number of Israeli civilians then Europeans conclude that the price in human blood is worth it.

The governments of Europe have come full circle. From pagan to Christian to atheist to pagan. Offering the blood of Jews to appease the dragon of Islam.

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