December 31, 2008

Al Shabaab vows to fight until shariah law imposed

This article states that al Shabaab will continue to fight even after Ethopian troops leave in order to establish shariah law throughout Somalia. However, al Shabaab's goals are much greater than just Somalia.

Recently, Ibrahim Almaqdis a terrorist spokesman for al Shabaab, stated "We wish to tell Bush and our opponents our real intentions. We will establish islamic rule from Alaska and Chile to South Africa, Japan, Russia to Solomon Islands and all the way to Iceland. Be warned, we are coming."

From CBC

An insurgent group that appears set to seize control of Somalia said on Wednesday it will not stop fighting until Islamic law governs the country.

The vow to continue fighting came from the leader of al-Shabab on Wednesday as thousands of troops from neighbouring Ethiopia prepared to leave the country after two years propping up the government, and days after the Somali president resigned.

"We will not stop fighting even if the Ethiopian troops withdraw because our aim is to implement Islamic law across Somalia," said Sheik Muktar Robow, whose group is considered the most aggressive of the Islamic insurgency groups fighting in Somalia.

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