December 31, 2008

Arab Sex Den Raided

(Madinah, Saudi Arabia) The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice arrested a male shop owner for engaging in sex with a young schoolgirl. The shop had been under surveillance by Virtue and Vice agents due to complaints by neighbors.

When a young schoolgirl entered, the agents followed. Soon a secret passageway was discovered and the man was found in flagrante delicto with the young girl.

The commission said it found evidence the man was recording his sex encounters and possibly using the digital images for blackmail. The commission also said the man’s mobile phone contained pornography and prurient images of him with different women.

In accordance with Interior Ministry regulations, the commission members handed over the suspect to police for further investigation.

Extramarital sex (zina) is a crime in Shariah, though premarital sex is generally treated much less severely than adultery; zina committed by a married person is a capital crime.

However, in this case it appears that the girl is being treated as a victim of sexual predation.

Although sketchy, the report does appear to explain an interesting nuance of Sharia law. If a married man has sex with a woman other than his wife, committing adultery, he's liable to be executed. If, on the other hand, a married man has sex with a child, it's considered child predation, a less severe crime.

Therefore, under Sharia law, married men prone to infidelity should consider child molestation before cheating with another woman.

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