December 22, 2008

Name that Party: Scandal-ridden Ohio A.G.'s Party Affiliation Irrelevant; Party Affiliation of Mother of Mother of Child of Son of Arrestee Highly Relevant?

Time for ANOTHER fun round of "Name that Party!!!"

Marc Dann was an elected official in Ohio who is now embroiled in a scandal. Marc Dann is a Democrat. How much coverage has Marc Dann's Democrat party affiliation received in the major news outlets? Let's see:

Google News search: "marc dann" + "ohio" = 423 hits.

How many of these articles mention Dann's party affiliation?

Google News search: "marc dann" + "ohio" + "democrat" = 86 hits.

In other words, approximately 20% of the news stories about the Marc Dann scandal included his party affiliation.

Okay, so maybe news organizations just don't consider party affiliation relevant to news about folks embroiled in scandal.

By way of contrast, let's look at news reports of Sherry Johnston, who was recently arrested on drug charges.

Now, Sherry Johnston is not an elected official. She may or may not be a Republican. Sherry Johnston is, however, the mother of Levi Johnston.

Now, Levi Johnston is not an elected official and may or may not be a Republican himself. Levi Johnston is, however, the father of an unnamed unborn child (hereinafter, "The Baby").

Now, "The Baby"is not an elected official and may or may not be a Republican. The mother of The Baby, however, is Bristol Palin.

Now, Bristol Palin is not an elected official and may or may not be a Republican. Bristol Palin is, however, the daughter of Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin, of course, IS an elected official and IS a member of the Republican Party. Thus, it is (apparently) very important to include Sarah Palin's party affiliation in any story about Sherry Johnston's arrest:

Google News search: "sherry johnston" = 540 Hits.

How many of these stories mention a connection to Republicans?

Google News search: "sherry johnston" + "republican" = 523 hits.

For those of you who are math-challenged, that's about 97%.

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