December 22, 2008

The Inshallahshaheed Humiliation Continues, Blog Homeless Again


Well I'll be darned, the Jawa's get an early Christmas present!

The new platform that Samir Khan moved his Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge blog to seems to have run into some er, difficulty. The site,, registered to an Achmed D in Belgium, was known as hangout for Dutch and other European terrorist supporters. It appears the host out of Kuala Lumpur has suspended the entire site.



Bwhahahahahaha! It wasn't me Sammy, I swear!! Now I won't deny last the time though or that I'm ROFLMAO right now writing this.

OK, so who wants to provide Inshallahshaheed's next free home? You know his mommy won't give him any money to buy his own site. Risk your website and freedom today, Host Samir Khan! Come on? someone? anyone? Inshallah?

Hat Tip: Anonymous Zionist Internet Spy #21.

Update: The latest Sammy Smackdown has been claimed by Bill Warner. In fact he went after the entire network Sammy was using. Hosting Sammy is hazardous to your network.


Resistance is futile Sammy.

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