December 17, 2008

Cyber Jihad of Losers on Jihadtube Admit Defeat


The Freepers via Jawa comments:

For many months Operation YouTube Smackdown has effectively shut down almost 15 thousands terrorist videos posted on Youtube and this has caused a lot of anger among the cyberspace terrorists. Operation YouTube Samckdown is a group of patriots who took upon themselves to prevent spreading terrorist propaganda on Youtube. We have an ongoing thread here on FR about this operation and it is posted by Freeper "StarCMC".

Today, a member of an Al Qaeda terrorist forum called "Al Falojah" admitted that they have been utterly defeated on Youtube by Operation You Tube Smackdown.

He also blamed the members of the terrorist forums for making it easy to spot the YouTube terrorist videos when they post links of these videos on the forums.

The poster name is "Song of Terror" and the date of his post is December 16 2008.

This is a link to thread in case someone has access to "al falojah" terrorist forum and knows how to read Arabic.

Below is a partial translation of the post:

"Members of Al Falojah forum swallow the bitterness of a crushing defeat on YouTube.

I have warned multiple times in my replies to the some threads and in private e-mails that I sent to some brothers about posting Yotube jihadi videos links on the pages of the jihadi forums because they (the videos) would be disabled within few days…… The Zinoist YOUTUBE SMACKDOWN network has few members but they have a lot of accounts on Youtube where they do a lot of "Flags" to the jihadi publications in particular the ones with English titles and contain tags such as "Iraq, IED, humvee, martyrdom, jihad, war".

End of the partial translation.

Congratulations members of Operation YouTube SmackDown, keep up the great work, you are hurting the terrorist enemy and preventing them from publishing their terrorist propaganda on YouTube.
PS: The internet terrorists are now aiming toward "MegaVideo" website to make massive publications of their terrorist videos there.

He's right ya know, Jihad Jane was probably our most valuable tool for finding and removing new uploads. Special thanks to you Jihad Jane from the Zionist Internet Spies.


Oh and a personal note to Song of Terror (the nasheed guy) below the fold.

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