December 12, 2008

Seattle Jihad Barber Killed in Somalia fighting for al Qaeda

ruben_shumpert.jpgAlls well that ends well, eh? Ruben Shumpert (aka, "Amir Abdul Muhaimin") has been identified as the American killed in Somalia a few months back. Crocodile tears. Big fat crocodile tears.

Back in April of 2007 the FBI raided a Somalian grocery store in Seattle looking for Shumpert. Too late, Shumpert was gone. Already on his way to Somalia to fight for al Qaeda's local branch, the al Shabaab Youth Mujahideen Movement.

Later Shumpert pulled a Hannibal Lecter and called the FBI from Somalia. He saw too many movies, I guess. In real life the fighters for Allah end up dying, get no virgins, and their deaths do absolutely nothing to further any cause worth dying for.

Fred Fry has all the necessary links and background to the announcement by the al Shabaab that Shumpert was "martyred".

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