December 05, 2008

Mumbai Terrorism Has NEW JERSEY Link?

Very interesting little tidbit wedged in this article about Azam Amir Kasab, the sole surviving Mumbai attacker, which says that one of the cell phones used by the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists had a SIM card in it from New Jersey.

Which goes right back to the post I just threw up minutes ago: is this evidence of a LeT sleeper cells in the U.S.? One thing noted in that previously cited article is that the FBI suspect LeT cells operating in New Jersey.

Perhaps there is another Ziyad Khaleel walking around the Jersey shores right now? You'll recall that Khaleel was the Virginia student and Hamas webmaster who bought Osama bin Laden's satellite phone. That would be the same cell phone used to order the African embassy bombings.

You'll also recall that Khaleel used funds for an "Islamc charity" he worked for to purchase bin Laden's phone and the minutes he used to order terrorist hits against the US. While I still find it hard to believe that in the post 9/11 world there are LeT "sleeper cells" roaming about, I do not find it a stretch to imagine Islamic "charities" raising funds and supplies for "Muslim victims of Hindu aggression in Kashmir". Money no doubt used to fund the LeT terrorists funneled through their Jamaat ud Dawaah "charity".

Keep an eye on this one:

Police are also investigating a possible link to the United States a mobile SIM card found with the terrorists which possibly came from New Jersey. "Nothing is confirmed, but we are looking at this and have made enquiries with mobile operators," Mr Maria said.
Then again, the SIM card link to New Jersey could be nothing more than a coincidence based on stolen SIM cards. Let me know if any one has any more details.

Thanks to SH.

UPDATE: In the comments ./. points us to this article which claims all 10 SIM cards were bought in India then sent to Pakistan via Bangladesh. Which, to be honest, doesn't make any sense since, er, how would any one know the mail route these SIM cards took? My limited experience with Indian publications is, er, shall we say, not so good.

Like I said, we're still on keep your eyes peeled alert. Nothing solid as of yet.

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