December 04, 2008

Breaking: "Gunmen" (ie, TERRORISTS!!) Shot at Delhi Airport (UPDATE: False Alarm?)

Top of post update: Hearing that this may be a false alarm. All news services attributing the story to BBC, not independent verification of the facts.

Begin original post:

Is it really so hard to call a spade a spade? Yes it is. I'm just hearing about this, so scant details.

The good news? The "security forces" at Indian airports seem to carry guns, unlike the street cops in Mumbai. The bad news? India has, literally, hundreds of thousands of young men willing to die the martyr's death to punish the secular state's "occupation of Muslim lands" (read: anywhere Muslims are a majority, even when that majority is a relatively small area). Millions more are just across the border.

BBC (emphasis mine):

Six gunmen are reported to have been shot by Indian security forces at Delhi's main international airport, according to airport officials.
Thanks to Jeff Quinton.

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