November 29, 2008

Troubling: "Deccan Mujahideen" YouTube Video from THREE WEEKS AGO [UPDATED]


Here's a video commenter "./." found over at YouTube titled "Deccan Mujahideen". The most troubling part? It was added on November 3rd, which means it preceded the Mumbai attacks by three weeks.

[UPDATE: Video removed within an hour of this post. I've reuploaded and reposted below, with a small screenshot of the title from the now defunct YouTube page above it.]


Coincidence? Probably, but I haven't seen any mention of "Deccan Mujahideen" prior to this week's attacks ... other than this. And given the name of the video and that the YouTube user who posted it uses an image of al Qaeda's #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri this can't be overlooked.

What's interesting about the video is that, other than the first clip, it's a compilation from Iraq. So, why name it "Deccan" given that "Deccan" is an area of India, not Iraq?

SH is looking for a translation of the title and of the end titles, but unless I miss my mark those are also from Iraqi propaganda videos. But I could be wrong on that point. Any one willing to do a fast and dirty translation please let us know.

The YouTube poster behind the video calls himself "va13007", says he's from France, and claims he's 32 years old. The good news is that he signed into his YouTube seven hours ago (as of 10:24 am Eastern), so that kind of rules out the obvious question.

He joined YouTube October 22 of this year and has only posted three videos. One of those videos is an interview with Ayman al-Zawahiri with an introductory note that viewers who want more of these types of videos should visit the al-Falojah forum--which since Ekhlaas went down seems to be the forum of choice for al Qaeda propaganda. It probably wouldn't be unfair to guess that "va130007" is a member of the al Folojah forum.

The other video is obviously a fake but alleges to show Americans abusing Iraqi women. Why any one would be so stupid as to think it's real is beyond me, but it's the kind of video that gets passed around again and again as proof that America is the common enemy of Muslims and which inspires young Muslims to violent jihad. What's troubling about this is that the video has been embedded at the well known Kavkaz Center website, which is the official website of al Qaeda's Chechen fellow travelers. The video was also embedded on by user "Blade" yesterday, the general reaction to it being something like why aren't all Muslims fighting to defend their women -- ironic, given the average user is typing that in from an internet cafe in Morocco.


Whoever "VA13007" is, his brief YouTube career is already beginning to be noticed by the online extremist community. Of course, like many jihad supporters on YouTube he may have had a previous account which was suspended. So he may already have been known to a few online friends who picked up the videos and linked them at extremist websites.

The only ones linking the "Deccan mujahideen" video is a German forum and they seem to have found it in the wake of the attack and are curious, just like us.

All in all it's mildly troubling given this week's atrocities in Mumbai. Like I said, probably coincidence, but imagine if a jihad supporter had posted a video online three weeks before 9/11 calling it something like "Mohammad Atta New York". It's worth digging deeper into. Let me know if any one finds anything else.

PS-I've already backed up his user profile, the "Deccan Mujahideen" video page, and have a copy of the video -- in case it's yanked by YouTube.

UPDATE: DB mentions in the comments that the user may have just renamed the video after the Mumbai attacks. Rickrolling, terrorist style?

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