November 28, 2008

What's the Best Option for a Kalashnikov/AK?

Ragnar's got a feee-vah and the only cure is...a Kalashnikov-style rifle.

After quite a bit of research, I've pretty much decided to buy a Saiga 7.62x39. From what I've seen, the feedback from Saiga owners has been pretty glowing, despite the compatibility issues as re: "standard" or "true" AKs (more info here).

Jawa thoughts? Assuming the compatibility issue isn't a big deal for me, is there any better AK-style option on a $400 budget? Jawa input is greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: In he comments, Rusty asked why I want an AK variant.

Answer : I already have an AR. (I like it, but I've had trouble with it.) Though I own an AR, I don't like the AR direct-impingement design. Direct impingement is flawed in concept, as evidenced by the fact that it hasn't been employed in any major firearm designs other than the AR family. Eugene Stoner himself abandoned the idea after trying it in the AR-10.

The AK uses a much superior piston-based cycling system, and has the benefit of rock-solid Russian engineering and decades of design improvements. Further, there are more AK variant units out there than any other semi-auto rifle. Ammo, accessories and parts are plentiful and cheap. Finally, Obama may get hit with a stupid ray and try to ban them, in which case prices of existing units will skyrocket.

UPDATE 2: Thanks for all the feedback. As for those who've weighed in on what AK variant I MIGHT want to buy if the ~$400 budget wasn't an issue, the answer to that hypothetical would probably be a Lancaster, but removal of budget constraints tends to open up a lot of additional possibilities.

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