November 28, 2008

American Muslims Justify, Equivocate Mumbai Massacre [UPDATED, Bumped]

Samir Khan emerges from his parents' house in Charlotte, NC

Our nemesis Samir Khan [aka, "inshallahshaheed"] over at the "Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge" is talking about the Mumbai massacre over at this blog. I don't think long time readers will be shocked that he offers no words of condemnation. Only equivocation and justification.

The crux of his argument is the same used by Salafist extremists of his ilk in their routine justification of al Qaeda and Taliban attacks on civilians: okay, so, you people kill innocent Muslims all the time. Classic equivocation.

Not content with equivocating, he then goes on to say why the Mumbai attacks might be justified. First, he goes to the general argument that violence is never justified:

We wouldn’t take the words of Maulana Mahmood ul-Hasan Qasmi very seriously since he made a blunder when he said, “Islam never teaches anyone’s to take somebody’s life.” He was upset at the idea of Deccan Mujahideen retaliating for his honor.
He then goes on to justify this particular massacre as legitimate if it brings the world's attention to the plight of Muslims in India:
All in all, it could just be that the Indian Muslims need that massive international media recognition so that their demands are met and at the same time, make the Indian population realize that the Hindu Massacres upon the Muslims is an ongoing threat and it needs to be solved now. Sure, the situation may appear extreme in isolation, but when put in context, one can acknowledge the history of this conflict and how the Muslims of India have always been the “underdogs.”

Joseph Cohen greets Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia

Next, let's see what Jewish convert to Islam Joseph Cohen [aka, Youssef al-Khattab] has to say about the attack. Unlike his friend Samir Khan, who in the post above claims the attacks are the result of Indian policies, Cohen claims the attacks are the result of American policies.

You'll notice that Cohen says that he doesn't condone the Mumbai attacks, but then also goes out of his way to say the neither does he denounce it.

Pretty bad, eh? Just to clarify his non-condemnation, this exchange takes place on Cohen's YouTube page:

Politically Slow: You're NOT denouncing it?

RevolutionMuslimCom: Nope

But not as bad as the comments other Muslims have made on his blog. For instance "Salafiyyah" from Nigeria who it seems thinks Cohen is not strong enough in his support for the Indian massacre. Or Omar who proclaims:
Allahu akbar...May Allah aid and guide the mujahideen and help every other muslim male support the ummah of Muhammad(saws)
Or Bilal who claims to be from Britain and identifies himself with the followers of Omar Bakri Muhammad with the website
It was pleasantly refreshing to hear they targeted Chabad Lubavitch. Allah will destroy His enemies wherever they are in the world. You will know when the Muslims have ignited in an insurrection when there is blood on the streets of London and New York like there is blood on the streets of Fallujah (and Mumbai). There is nowhere they can hide from the wrath of Allah and His soldiers.
Or Abu Aisha who, like Ayman al-Zawahiri, seems to be a Malcolm X fan:
The crimes of the kuffaar are coming back to haunt them. its chicken come home to roose
Islam: Religion of Peace.

Is it really so hard just to say: we unequivocally condemn the murders in Mumbai?

UPDATE: Via Stable Hand, just when you thought it couldn't get worse, from Joseph Cohen's forum: Happy Thanksgiving: USA Blood Pudding Stuffing, dead jews in Bombay today, God Willing

It is good to Give Thanks that jews may very well die as brother Bilal pointed out as the jewish from Crown Heights Brooklyn had set up occupation in that city as well and is now under threat of death in this lovely lovely and happy episode of a Thanksgivings Day adventure. Williamsburg and Crown Heights in New York are so well guarded even by their own Chasid jew police besides New York's police, and what with the islands and limited on and off access and the bridges you almost cannot imagine that a God Damned jew can be killed there. I'm glad they came to Bomb bay to hopefully, God Willing, be killed in it.
Oh, God........

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