November 28, 2008

Mumbai Update - 125 Dead, 327 Wounded

Two terrorists holed up with hostages at the Oberoi Hotel and the Nariman House in Mumbai made cell phone calls to India TV. Check out the press release with transcripts of the calls.

Identified as Shadullah and Imran Babar, the two terrorists openly admitted the strength of their groups, seven at the Oberoi and six at the Nariman. Call me perplexed. It's usually not a good idea to reveal your strength to an opponent.

Shadullah claimed that he belonged to Deccan Mujahideen, a little known outfit which had claimed responsibility of the terror strikes in Mumbai on Wednesday night.

The anchor repeatedly asked whether he was from Hyderabad, India, or from Hyderabad, Pakistan, to which he replied in his heavily Pakistani accent that he belonged to Hyderabad of the Deccan. Shadullah carried on with his litany of perceived injustices meted out Muslims in India.

Shadullah demanded the release of all mujahideen from jails in exchange for the hostages. Otherwise, "We will get rid of them in such a manner that their sons will become orphans," he said.

Imran Babar, on the other hand, discussed his outrage that the Israeli Army Chief of Staff was allegedly working with the Indian Army concerning tactics and strategy in Kashmir. Muslims are ballistic about Israelis having anything to do with India.

In other news, CNN reports that the death toll is 125 and 327 people are wounded. The dead include at least six foreigners and 14 police officers. (h/t SH)

Update by Stablehand - Two Americans from Nashville were killed in the attack. Alan Scherr, 58, and his daughter, Naomi, 13.

Prayers for family of friends of all who have been affected by this murderous event.

F**k terrorism.

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