November 26, 2008

Charlie Rangel (D) Is a Tax Cheat

In the words of the great Keith Olberdouche, RESIGN. RESIGN. RESIGN.

Heh. Even CREW is getting in on the act.

A culture of corruption and tax fraud you can believe in!

First there is the Washington Post's revelation that Rangel inappropriately claimed a tax break on his D.C. townhouse by claiming it was his primary residence. The five-year charade only netted the congressman from Harlem about $1,500, which is relatively small potatoes. But it nicely dovetails with two other Rangel escapades of late: That he failed to pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income from his luxury beach villa in the Caribbean because he—ahem—didn't know it was income; and that he scored several rent-stabilized apartments in New York, each of which he must claim as his primary residence. Taken all together, it looks like the top tax-writer in Congress is a tax cheat.
For some reason, I don't think people like Keith Olberloon are interested in this story. Ask yourself why.

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