November 25, 2008

Americans Flocking to Somalia to Fight for al Qaeda

We've been warning about this for a couple of years now, but with Iraq becoming more and more secure al Qaeda has sent out the call to jihad for young men to go to Somalia. Several Shabaab videos show fighters with American accents, but all of them seem to be white guys who, er, stand out amongst their African born muj brothers. Others show Arabs fighting. But this is the first I've heard of a large movement of the children of Somali immigrants returning to fight against the Ethiopian/U.S. backed non-functioning "government".

Of course, one of the leaders of the political wing of the movement--The Islamic Courts Union-- is also a naturalized U.S. citizen Ibrahim Hassan Addou. And at least one American convert to Islam and former online jihadi, Daniel Maldanado, is in federal prison for going to Somali to fight with the Shabaab. His buddy, Tarek Mehanna (also an online jihadi), was just arrested a couple of weeks ago en route to Saudi Arabia and possibly then on to points unknown.

Fox Twin Cities:

They’re known in the Somali community simply at The Missing. More than 20 young Somali men, between the ages of 17 and 22, who have left the Twin Cities in the last few months, without a single word to their families.

The families and community leaders believe the men have gone back to fight in a bloody civil war, in which Al Quiada is a major player.

The good news here is that its the parents of these young men who are most concerned and who went to the FBI to report what their kids were doing.

The real question we need to ask here is who is paying for these young men to betray their homeland?

And, as long as I'm thinking about this, Bill keeps reminding me that the Shabaab continues to host its website on U.S. servers -- contrary to U.S. law.

Thanks to Joel Steinke.

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