November 25, 2008

Saudi All Girl Rock Band

And they sound good! Listen Here to AccoLade. (Story by Robert F. Worth, NYT, same guy who wrote the article about that crazy woman who blogs about Yemen. )

In Saudi, yes, it’s a challenge,” said the group’s lead singer, Lamia, who has piercings on her left eyebrow and beneath her bottom lip. (Like other band members, she gave only her first name.) “Maybe we’re crazy. But we wanted to do something different.” (ed- Bingo! She's a rocker.)

In a country where women are not allowed to drive and rarely appear in public without their faces covered, the band is very different. The prospect of female rockers clutching guitars and belting out angry lyrics about a failed relationship — the theme of “Pinocchio” — would once have been unimaginable here.

I think that they sound great. Long live Rock.

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