November 24, 2008

(UPDATE: PWND!!) Help Get the Taliban Off the Internet (+Email the Taliban!)


UPDATE 11/25/2008 AM : PWND. Thanks for your help. Let us know, through an email, if it comes back up anytime soon.

UPDATE: I've updated this post to reflect what I hope to accomplish with your help: getting the Taliban off the internet. Please pass this along to all your friends. Our soldiers are dying fighting the Taliban, the least you can do is write a simple letter of complaint.

Here's what you can do to help:

1) Please click on the PrivacyProtection link below and let them know they are violating Dutch and international law by providing privacy services to the Taliban.

2) Then copy and paste emails below into "To" box on your email and let these service providers know they are breaking Malaysian and international law by hosting the Taliban's official website.

Make sure that they know that "The Voice of Jihad" is the official website of the Taliban (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan). It is being hosted in Malaysia.

Who "owns" The Voice of Jihad? It's not clear because a Netherland based company, privacyprotect, is also illegally doing business with the Taliban and covering for the true identity of its webmaster. Not only is it illegal for any companies in these two countries to provide services to the Taliban, it also might bother the Dutch to know this since they are actively fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

A sample letter might be something like this (feel free to copy and paste):


Dear Sir/Madame,

You are violating Malaysian, Dutch, and International law by providing business services to "The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan", better know as the Taliban.

The following U.N. Security Council Resolutions prohibit any individual or company from doing any business with the Taliban: 1267 (1999), 1333 (2000), 1390 (2002), 1455 (2003), 1526 (2004), 1617 (2005), 1735 (2006) and 1822 (2008). Specifically, the resolutions order member countries to "freeze without delay the funds and other financial assets or economic resources, including funds derived from property owned or controlled directly or indirectly" of the Taliban. The Netherlands and Malaysia also have domestic laws implementing the above UN Resolutions.

Again, this is the OFFICIAL website of the Taliban: = = =

Please cease and desist providing privacy/webhosting services to this internationally outlawed organization.

Thank you,

You can complain to PrivacyProtection here.

You can complain to the Taliban's webhost EASTGATE by emailing the following (not sure which ones are working):

-------Bonus: Email the Taliban!

The English version of the page is here. If you ever wanted to e-mail or phone the Taliban, here is their contact page.

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