November 22, 2008

A Conspiracy Theory You Can Believe In?

I'm not one for huffing paint fumes. I usually leave that to the denizens of the Democratic Underground or the bridge trolls snarling at each other at Daily Kos.

But something just occured to me the other day. Obama, a leftwinger steeped in and whose political career was borne of leftwing radicalism, is pissing some people off by not installing rabid, partisan leftwing nutburgers in key positions of power in his new Washington Mafia.

It has been said that the "new" Obamacrat Administration is looking a lot like the Clinton Administration. The drama has been dragging out with a "deal" for Hillary at SoS (does this seem a bit unusual to anyone else? Did any other cabinet post or appointment have all of this foot dragging and closed-door deal-making in order to go through?)

So keeping this in mind, I just flirted with this idea and thought that it would be teh awesome if true.

What if the Clintons have something on Obama that they're hanging over his head? Something so destructive and devastating to his Presidency that it could destroy it if made public? What if they're using it to shoehorn their peeps into positions they want - essentially blackmailing him with whatever it could be? Doesn't it just seem odd that Obama, who beat Clinton handily and won the campaign convincingly, would have to keep groveling and checking-in with Hillary and Bill? And why exactly are so many Clinton holdovers being seated in the new administration?

Now, Occum's Razor would suggest that perhaps Obama is really trying to be pragmatic and govern from the center, in which case he sold a lot of lunatics in his party out. Perhaps. I just don't trust him, though, given his voting record in the Senate and some of the lies he told on the campaign trail (public financing, gun grabbing, etc.). He's come too far too fast to be ditching the radical leftwingnut subversives that helped him bamboozle his way to the top.

I'm not endorsing this. I'm not saying I think this is happening. However, like the great Palin-uterus scholar and poet laureate Powerglutes Andrew Sullivan, I think it something that can be "put out there."


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