November 18, 2008

Bill Ayers Lied People Died

William Ayers was in DC yesterday talking up his book "Fugitive Days". Due to the large crowd attending, the forum was moved to a church. Talk about ironic.

FReepers were there protesting the unrepentant terrorist visit. Unfortunately I am having problems posting one of their signs - "Ayers Lied People Died". Bestest poster evah. Be sure to follow the link for the images.

Here is the vid. Parts of it are blurry but the best sentence from a dissenter - "Why did you out Valerie Plame? Say what?

Check out what greets you when looking at Ayers book at Amazon

"Just so you know...* We're sorry! Some images in this book are not displayed per publisher request."
Hiding stuff already?

Update - Protest sign. Thanks "This Ain't hell"!


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