November 18, 2008

MSM The Terrorist Network

Via Snapped Shot. Rueters, AP, etc. have no problem taking pictures for Hamas. Saves Hamas PR dollars.

The problem with this isn't the fact Hamas is a terrorist organization. The problem lies in photos they won't accept. Recently AP was upset that a photo of Army Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody had been altered for PR purposes. Gen Dunwoody is the first female four star general.

Gasp, she had a American Flag placed in the background

"For us, there's a zero-tolerance policy of adding or subtracting actual content from an image," said Santiago Lyon, the AP's director of photography. Owen also said he views all photos supplied by the Defense Department skeptically.

AP has now suspended the use of photos provided by the Defense Dept. until this "problem" is fixed. What about suspending Hamas and other terrorist propoganda AP? MSM, anyone?

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