November 12, 2008

Obama Gets Advice

Here's a translation of an Arabic-language letter to President-elect Obama from the enemies of democracy in Iraq.

"Your campaign promises were built on change and the time for it has come, and we say with that the time has come… therefore we ask for change and do not listen to those who tell you that a withdrawal from Iraq is a defeat. We say to you that a withdrawal will mean a triumph of reason and logic…

You must correct your mistakes and work with courage to pay compensation to all those who you have destroyed, their families or their house or their psychology.

And you must release all those you have as prisoners until the last Iraqi of them, and you must order the sectarian government to release all its prisoners and to return the balance of security to Iraq.

Without this we will not think that you will be coming with the change that you have promised, and if you do this you will be written down in history as the courageous one.”

All that hopey-changey language has stimulated the enemy conclaves of religious fanatics to preach to the United States about reason and logic.

I'd suggest that all intellectual and moral authority to preach about logic and reason was lost the first time a suicide vest was strapped on to one of their flock.

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