November 12, 2008

US Navy to battle Somali pirates with heat rays and loud ACDC

Teh awesome!!!

From Telegraph

US vessels patrolling the Gulf of Aden and other waterways plagued by resurgent pirate gangs are to be fitted with "non-lethal people zappers," according to the DefenseNews publication.

Vice Admiral Bill Gortney has requested delivery of a range of systems for the Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet. The Active Denial system delivers a six foot wide ray over a range of 800 yards.

Anyone caught within the beam experiences an overwhelming sensation of burning skin, forcing a potentially hostile pirate to seek shelter "or even jump overboard."

A second system, the Long Range Acoustic Device targets a suspect with a 500 yard beam of excruciating noise. Sailors can attach the device to an Ipod or MP3 player to repel pirate boats with renditons such as Hells Bells by the heavy metal group AC:DC.

ACDC plus warporn under the fold

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