November 12, 2008

Obama Forced Into Presidency Early

So says the headline at "The Swamp".

Pres-elect Obama has the "unions" pulling on his yet to be purse strings.

For Mr. Obama, the crisis in Detroit is turning into an early test of his leadership. Organized labor, including the United Auto Workers, invested heavily in Mr. Obama's campaign.

It's a situation Mr. Obama's team had hoped to avoid, potentially giving the president-elect responsibility for an emergency before he has any real authority to deal with it. But with President Bush's clout waning, many parties are now looking to Sen. Obama -- a circumstance not seen since the interregnum between Herbert Hoover's presidency and Franklin Delano Roosevelt's in the early 1930s.

Obama leaks "revised" conversation with Pres. Bush to aides, aides in turn leak conversation to MSM, MSM follows prompt and turns the conversation into crisis for Obama.

MSM still hearts hopey, changey.

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