November 11, 2008

NY Times Reporter Taken Hostage by Taliban

David-S-Rohde.jpgSources in Afghanistan say that American David S. Rohde, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist now working for the New York Times, has been taken hostage by the Taliban in Logar province, east of the nation's capital.

The Italian news agency AKI reports that the kidnappers belong to Siraj Haqqani's Taliban group and that Rohde has been taken to Eastern Afghanistan. Rohde's driver and interpreter are also said to have been taken hostage.

Siraj Haqqani is the son of the former Taliban Defense Minister Jalaluddin Haqqani. The younger Haqqani is said to have a close relationship with al Qaeda.

No demands have yet to be publicly made for the release of Rohde. We pray for his safe, unconditional, and immediate return.

UPDATE: Blue Grass, Red State says that Rohde's has been through this once before: he was taken "prisoner" in Bosnia in 1995. It was his coverage of the Bosnian war and documenting of allegations of war crimes while a Christian Science Monitor reporter that led to his receiving the Pulitzer.

Rohdes most recent NY Times article documented Pakistani ISI help in the bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul. In other words, he wasn't the kind of reporter who was in country trying to equivocate between us and the Taliban.

Thanks to SH.

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