November 11, 2008

Muslim Blogger Arrested in Boston?

Samir Khan reports that a Boston area blogger who goes by the handle "Abu Sayaba" has been arrested by the FBI. Abu Sayaba runs the "Iskandari" blog which frequently posts English language translations of classical Islamic texts and rulings in support of violent jihad.

Sayaba frequently lends vocal support on his blog to terrorist groups around the world painting a picture of them as true Muslims following the example of the early followers of Muhammad in a defensive war against infidels and apostates out to stamp out the true understanding Islam and out to oppress Muslims. The translated texts are used to bolster the argument that the violent jihad ideology represents this true form of Islam.

According to commenters who claim to know him, Abu Sayaba was a frequent protester at hearings regarding Aafia Siddiqui. Siddiqui was captured in Afghanistan, suspected of being an al Qaeda financier, and is accused of attempted murder. According to this post, Sayaba was in the audience at one of Siddiqui's hearings.

Siddiqui attended MIT, so perhaps Sayaba is an acquaintance?

I haven't heard of any arrests in the Boston area related to terrorism. If any one has any information about the true identity of Sayaba or about an arrest made in Boston on terror related charges, please let me know.

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