November 10, 2008

UK Muslim Conference: "Islam is not a Religion of Peace"

Omar Bakri Mohammad's followers in the U.K. held a conference in support of the imposition of Islamic law. A rare moment of clarity:

"Women need to be covered up, men lashed for fornication [outside marriage] and hands cut off for theft and breaking Sharia law," he said.

When a woman in a burkha asked how he could justify this when Islam was supposed to be a religion of peace, the crowd mocked her. But it was Choudary who rose to put her in her place. "Islam is not a religion of peace," he said. "It is a religion of submission. We need to submit to the will of Allah."


Also addressed at the conference was the need for young Muslims to delete extremist videos from their computers. Not for young Muslims to avoid downloading them in the first place, just to be sure to delete them so the police won't find them when they come a knockin'.

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