November 09, 2008

Change.Gov: Now You See It Now You Don't

Re: "The Office of the President Elect" is a changing.

The site has drastically changed. Some of the links on the bottom of site (see Google cache) are no longer there.

"America serves" is a dead link.

Hopey, changey site maintenance.

h/t Vinnie

Update: This makes sense now

Lost amid all of the jubilation of the Obama victory was the announcement by the Obama transition team that it had set up a separate transition program beyond the one that is paid for by the American taxpayer. Called the "Obama/Biden Transition Project," it is a 501(c)4 tax-exempt organization, with no limits on the contributions it can receive and no requirements to divulge the names of individuals or organizations that give it money.
On the bottom of the site it states 501(c)4. No doubt George Soros is huge contributor.

Update: Explanation of the 501(c)(4) here. WTF does Obama/Biden need a separate transition team than what is already provided?

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