November 09, 2008

"Allah Is Female & I Am Having Sex With Her" Says Rap Musician & Author


The New Testament of Allah website is rather strange.
If you have heard by now about my marriage to Almighty Allah, She is indeed the Goddess who created heaven and earth. So I won't be shy about The Exoneration when I did not know that God was a Woman. I guess we all learn sooner or later. I learned this uneasy truth last year. I was getting widespread rejection from Muslims and Christians for my religious synthesis. So, She married me.

What I am telling you is that while people are being killed in Allah's wrath, She has this whole time been having sex with me right here in Salinas, CA. My birth name is XXXXXXXX. My Islamic name is Mahdi Muhammad. Allah is a Woman. I'm not saying that to make you angry. Allah is a Woman and She has married Her Apostle

I will let him be responsible for giving his real name.

Video of his below fold.

h/t Infidel Bloggers

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