November 06, 2008

Liberal Seattleites Rediscover The American Flag

When Michelle Obama uttered, "this is the first time in my life I have been proud of my country", those who were disgusted with this remark were labeled racist.

Apparently now that Obama has been elected it is OK to rediscover patriotism.

I shall now call them phony f'n patriots.

"Red, White & True Blue: City Hoists Old Glory

Barack Obama's presidential win held a poignant significance for liberal Seattleites: This is their America, too.

The feeling was evident in jubilant partying in the streets, in quiet moments of reflection and in blossoms of red, white and blue.

With newfound patriotism, Seattleites want to wave the flag, hang it from their homes and stick it on their cars.

"The thing that's kind of astounding to me is I never ever would have cared to own a flag," said Rosemary Garner, 42. "This is the first day in my life I actually feel this funny sense of pride about my country. It's a very foreign feeling, but it's a good one."

Garner, a self-described "flag virgin" who lives on Capitol Hill, bought eight flags Wednesday -- some to wave and others to stick on her car to "mix and match with some nice Obama and peace signs. Then I bought a couple of flags for some friends who wanted to hang them from their truck along with their biodiesel stickers."

They can go F themselves.

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