November 05, 2008

Taliban Went Shopping & Kidnap 12 High Schoolers

Bunch of cowards.


Twelve children were missing after the abductions at the Nazarabad Government high school in Arkot Tehsil Matta, a village in the Swat region of the North West Frontier Province, the source said.

The militants rounded up the children, took them outside, put them in several cars and drove off, the source said.

The Taliban group did not reveal the condition of the children, nor did the group make any demands, the Pakistani military source said Wednesday.

Did the Taliban need suicide bombers, or money? Maybe they want release of their jihadi in jail. Whatever the case, I pray for the children's safety.

BTW, Airhead er Air America host Franken lost. Congratulations Senator Coleman, it looks like only half of your constituents are airheads. Recount called.

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