November 03, 2008

The Silver Lining to the Market Meltdown

As bad as the economy seems to be sucking here, it sucks worse in Europe. For those of us that regularly travel to the UK, Ireland, or the Continent it's almost never been better to travel.

dollar_pound euro.gif

I'm especially eager to go to the UK. The last time I was there the Pound was exchanging for about two dollars. Today we're at $1.58. That's a 21% increase in the value of the dollar over the last time I was on the other side of the pond!

I'd spend the difference on British food, but, er, ya know it's.....British food!

Instead, I think I'll look up Omar Bakri Mohammad's daughter, Yasmin Fostok (probably NSFW image below). How much does a lap dance go for these days in London?


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