October 29, 2008

From the Obama Vault

Found via Drudge, this recently created YouTube channel with a few doozie videos cutting the Obamachrist down a few levels is hilarious. I'll provide the sampler here.

Here is Michelle Obama saying that it is too soon for Obama to be running for President because he hasn't done anything yet. Tell us about it, honey.

We're still not quite sure what he's done since this interview that magically qualified him for the Presidency, but I guess that's all water under the bridge now, isn't it, Michelle?

Here's another of Obama himself saying that history is not made by giving a speech or getting elected. Really? Send the memo to your sycophants and disciples in the mainstream press and beyond, big guy. They're not getting the message.

One more - Obama admitting that eight years in the state legislature has allowed him to serve in complete obscurity.
There aren't too many more, but these kinds of things would be played ENDLESSLY by both news organizations (which have ceased to be in this country for the most part) and in ads if a Republican had uttered them.

Eat those words, Hopey McChange.

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