October 27, 2008

Mullah Omar Killed!!1!1!ONE It was Haji Omar Khan


UPDATE: The Long War Journal is reporting that it was Haji Omar Khan who was killed in this morning's missile strike, not Mullah Omar. (Thanks to Diogenes)

UPDATE: There are conflicting reports floating around the intrawebz, so I guess we need to wait for confirmation of Mullah Omar's death. Yahoo News is reporting that a low level taliban commander with links to Haqqani was killed along with foreign terrorists who were attending the funeral of Baitullah Mehsud's younger brother who was killed yesterday.

UPDATE: There seems to be some confusion about who was killed in the latest Predator strike. Hotair is reporting that the Mohammad Omar that was killed is not Mohammad Omar, aka Mullah Omar, leader of the taliban.

Like Ef said in the comments...how many Mohammad Omars are there in the taliban's leadership?

The US Predator drone missile strike that killed up to 20 terrorist scum inside Pakistan today also killed taliban command Mullah Omar. F*&# Yeah!

The reclusive leader of the taliban is now burning in hell thanks to US taxpayer funded Hellfire missiles. (Thanks to Infidels are cool)

From BBC

A suspected US missile strike has killed 20 people, including a top Taleban commander, in north-west Pakistan, witnesses and officials say.

Mohammad Omar was among the dead when the missile, reportedly fired by a pilotless US drone, hit a compound owned by him in South Waziristan.[...]

The latest strike on Sunday night was launched at a compound owned by Mohammad Omar in Mandatta village in the troubled region of South Waziristan.

Mohammad Omar was a close associate of the dead Taleban commander Nek Mohammed, who was killed in a suspected US strike in the area four years ago.

Witnesses said that the missile strike completely destroyed Mohammed Omar's house, and partially damaged two neighbouring houses.

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