October 25, 2008

(Update - Video Added)Obama/Biden vs Florida TV Reporter Barbara West

Update....Video below fold of interview....
Ask tough questions get slammed by the Obama campaign. They appear to like the easy questions of MSNBC, NBC, CBS, NYT, etc.

Florida TV reporter Barbara West asked hard hitting questions of Joe Biden in an interview broadcast Wednesday. Friday, the Obama campaign called West and complained that her questions were "unprofessional and combative".

Hmm, she better be prepared to have her backgound checked as Joe the Plumber's was.

[....]"I got right down to it and, yes, I think I asked him some pointed questions. These are questions that are rolling about right now and questions that need to be asked. I don't think I was rude or inconsiderate to him. I think I was probing and maybe tough. I can't believe that in all of his years in politics, and all of his campaigning and such, that he hasn't run into some tough questions before. He's certainly up to it in giving good answers."

Video of interview.

h/t Steave in comments.

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