October 24, 2008

A Question to the P.U.M.A.s: Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton? WTF???

Ace did this a week or so ago, so I run the risk here of being derivative, but WTF do I care?

OK, here's the thing: PUMAs and conservatives (though apparently not Republicans in general) have a common enemy. The Obama Machine screwed Hillary and her supporters over in the primary, and is set to screw the nation over in the next four years.

Let's be honest. Obama will, quite frankly, be a boon for the GOP if he's elected. If even HALF of Obama's policies are put into place, we can reasonably expect that the nation's "Joe the Plumber" and "Sarah the Gunner" types will recoil in horror and throw the incumbents out of office in 2010--thus creating a "windfall" for the GOP that, quite franly, they don't even come close to deserving. Sad but true.

Thus, if you are a big believer in the Democrat Party uber alles, there is every reason for you, as a party activist, to oppose Obama's candidacy on purely tactical and strategic grounds.

If you subscribe to that way of thinking, my question is not directed to you.

My question is directed to the PUMAs, if any, who oppose Barack Obama because they believe, in their hearts, that Barack Obama has amply demostrated, by his tactics and philosophy, that he is simply WRONG FOR AMERICA.

To those PUMAs, my question is this: what is it that keeps us apart? What is it, in other words, that you find unacceptable or undesirable about the "conservative" philosophy? Is it the "limited government" thing? The pro-life thing? The gun thing? Taxes? Spending? Borders and immigration?

It occurs to me that we may have "irreconcilable differences." It also occurs to me that we may not.

Your thoughts?

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