October 20, 2008

Waiting to Exhale

So you won't your exceed EPA mandated carbon output.

VIA WSJ: As Barack Obama's energy adviser has now made clear, the would-be President intends to blackmail -- or rather, greenmail -- Congress into falling in line with his climate agenda.

Jason Grumet is currently executive director of an outfit called the National Commission on Energy Policy and one of Mr. Obama's key policy aides. In an interview last week with Bloomberg, Mr. Grumet said that come January the Environmental Protection Agency "would initiate those rulemakings" that classify carbon as a dangerous pollutant under current clean air laws. That move would impose new regulation and taxes across the entire economy, something that is usually the purview of Congress. Mr. Grumet warned that "in the absence of Congressional action" 18 months after Mr. Obama's inauguration, the EPA would move ahead with its own unilateral carbon crackdown anyway.

You'll have to pry the gas pump from my cold dead hands while I'm filling my Harley! Did I mention it gets 45 to 50 mpg? Sounds like under Obama I'll be lucky to be able to afford the 2.7 gallons to fill it up.

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